China Creates the World’s Fastest Maglev Train

China Creates the World’s Fastest Maglev Train

Let’s admit: we all like speed, especially when we need it to help us arrive at a certain place. And it’s completely understandable nowadays when time is a luxury most of us can’t afford. Time is perhaps the biggest value we have, as nobody can be able to give it back to us.

The developers from the state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation seemed to have considered such profound aspects of life as well. They’ve created the world’s fastest train, according to CNN.

Meet the maglev bullet train that reaches 600km/h

The vehicle in question made its debut in Qingdao, China, and it’s a maglev bullet train that’s capable of reaching the astonishing speed of 600km/h, or 373 mph.

But the good news is far from over. According to Liang Jianying’s statements for Chinese state media, who is chief engineer and deputy general manager at CRRC Sifang, the new maglev train also emits low levels of noise pollution, and it requires less maintenance compared to other high-speed trains.

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An electromagnetic force makes the maglev train “levitate” above the tracks, which is why it’s called “maglev” in the first place, meaning “magnetic levitation”.

There are multiple benefits for the maglev technology in general, according to no derailment, high-speed, reliability, energy efficiency, being more eco-friendly, the quietest transportation system, and more.

The world’s most populous country obviously perceives high-speed rail as a top priority, as more large cities from China need to be connected by train. High-speed rail (HSR) in China also represents the world’s longest high-speed railway network and the most extensively used – by the end of 2020, it had a total length of 37,900 km.

The world always needs faster results in less time, and while travelling onboard Railway Rolling Stock Corporation’s new maglev train, you’ll probably not have enough time to finish your coffee before arriving at work!


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