China Astronomers Boast About Their Tianwen-1 Spacecraft Photographing the Entire Surface of Mars

China Astronomers Boast About Their Tianwen-1 Spacecraft Photographing the Entire Surface of Mars

It’s already been over a year since the China National Space Administration (CNSA) landed the Tianwen-1 spacecraft on Mars. There are several purposes for the project, and each of them is hugely important. To make a long story short, the basic goals are mapping the geological and morphological structure of the planet, investigating the distribution of water-ice, analyzing the composition at the surface, and more.

But it seems that the Tianwen-1 spacecraft has been exceeding some expectations if we believe what the CNSA has to say. According to CNN, the agency’s representatives say that the Tianwen-1 spacecraft has photographed the entire surface of the Red Planet. And who are we to not give them the benefit of the doubt?

Tianwen-1 completed all of its tasks

The CNSA even says that Tianwen-1 has been diligent enough to complete all of its assigned tasks. The space probe has collected over one terabyte of data while exploring Mars, and it was already handed over for other studies on Earth.

Luckily enough, the CNSA isn’t the only space agency on the planet that’s heavily involved in studying our neighboring planet. For instance, the Mars Express spacecraft of the European Space Agency (ESA) has recently taken a beautiful picture of one of the Red Planet’s craters. That crater was photographed in  Aonia Terra, a region from the southern hemisphere of Mars, and it resembles a giant eye that’s looking right into space.

While space agencies still try to figure out how to go to Mars, the renowned theoretical physicist Michio Kaku believes that there’s a small theoretical chance that a person might wake up on the Red Planet tomorrow. It has to do with quantum physics, which means that you must take the claim with a huge pinch of salt. In other words, it is a possibility, but a very small one.

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