China Announces That It’s Sending the First Astronaut to Mars

China Announces That It’s Sending the First Astronaut to Mars

As NASA and SpaceX are seriously hoping to send the first person to Mars in the upcoming years, that huge privilege could belong to an unexpected country: China. However, the Asian country has proven to us all in recent years that it’s capable of impressive things when it comes to space exploration.

The news of China’s huge announcement about sending the first human to Mars is brought by According to a report from Global Times, the country’s go-to rocket manufacturer published a roadmap for the future crewed missions to the Red Planet.

Sending humans to Mars by 2033

China’s plan isn’t just to send a person to lay foot on the Red Planet’s surface. The country even aims for a permanent base on Mars. Unfortunately, we’ll still have to wait pretty much for China to send the first astronaut to our neighbouring planet. The first human who will have such a huge privilege will arrive on Mars by 2033 if we take for granted what China wants.

Wang Xiaojun, who is the Head of state-owned China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), announced China’s ambitious space plans during the “The Space Transporation System of Human Mars Exploration” speech from the Global Space Exploration Conference (GLEX 2021).

China’s plan to send humans to Mars involves three stages. The first one is the technology preparation phase, and you might have already guessed what it implies: robots will travel to the Red Planet to bring back samples from its soil and explore the environment. The second stage is the sending of humans, who will begin constructing a base. The third stage will be represented by cargo fleets to Mars.

It’s exciting to see if China can beat NASA and SpaceX in the long run to send humans to Mars, but plenty of years will pass until we’ll have an irrefutable answer.

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