Cats Could Be Able to Carry Crime Scene DNA

Cats Could Be Able to Carry Crime Scene DNA

Regardless of how much we love cats, we all have to admit that our feline friends are not always acting in a sweet way. Heidi Monkman and Mariya Goray from Flinders University wanted to find out if pets can contribute to DNA transfer enough, and the study shows that cats can carry evidence of when a crime was committed.

How can such a thing be possible? The explanation might surprise you: if somebody has been around a cat, and we’re guessing that not even criminals can abstain from caressing such lovely animals, the fur of the cat can retain enough DNA that was shed by the person. This isn’t so surprising considering that we humans can leave traces of our DNA pretty much everywhere, even on household items that we barely touch. 

Cats and dogs might be a lot more important than previously thought

The new research involved 20 cats from 15 households, and the animals were touched on their fur by the researchers a few times. DNA samples were collected from most of the people involved in the study. The folks who were living in the households had to provide information about the behavior and habits of the cats. 

It has been concluded that for 80 percent of the cat swab samples, certain levels of DNA existed as well. 

Heidi Monkman of Flinders University in Australia explains as quotes:

Collection of human DNA needs to become very important in crime scene investigations, but there is a lack of data on companion animals such as cats and dogs in their relationship to human DNA transfer,

These companion animals can be highly relevant in assessing the presence and activities of the inhabitants of the household, or any recent visitors to the scene.

The new work was published in Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement Series. 

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