Carbon Nanostructure Stronger Than Diamonds Was Invented

Carbon Nanostructure Stronger Than Diamonds Was Invented

Scientists are claiming that they found how to structure the carbon utilizing a nanoscale. This determines a carbon nanostructure that’s superior to diamonds as far as the strength and density are concerned. However, even the tiny carbon lattice has already undergone several tests in the laboratory.

There are still many more improvements to be done until this product will be available for practical use. The good news is the fact that industries will be capable of producing more reliable and lighter materials soon. For example, the super-light carbon may be of great use in aerospace and aviation.

The structure of this material is composed of nanolattices, whose porous structures are determining and incredibly lightweight and robust product. Typically, the nanolattices are structured as a tubular framework. However, this time the scientists managed to craft plate nanolattices, which makes them second to none when it comes to strength.

Scientists invented a carbon nanostructure that’s stronger than diamonds

Recent calculations have stated that the increase in strength is going to rise to 639 percent and 522 percent in rigidity. However, this theory has never been practically proven since the scientists are still finding it difficult to craft such objects.

To test the capabilities of the material, the researchers made use of a sophisticated 3D laser that printed the shape. The laser was created to make use of chemical reactions inside the beam to generate the configuration on a small scale. The scientists managed to assess the features of the material, reaching the theoretical limits. It sounds like a promising result, even though we are still far from producing the content on an industrial scale.

In addition to this, the highest potential of the new carbon nanostructure is reached when being produced on a micro-scale. Their shape is a thousand times smaller than the human hair, making the pores even smaller and eliminating the potential flaws.


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