Cambridge Physicists Eventually Find Wormhole Proof

Cambridge Physicists Eventually Find Wormhole Proof

Wormholes are a subject that’s been present in scientific stories for a long time, and now it seems that it might begin to be taken more seriously following the latest discovery. Check out the new reports about this intriguing matter.

Wormholes new discoveries shake the scientific world

Just to refresh your memory, wormholes are pipelines that connect two distinct places in space-time. Now, it’s important to note the fact that these have been theoretically established by physicists at the University of Cambridge.

It’s been just revealed that if a piece of data or a physical item can flow through the wormhole, time travel and immediate communication across huge distances may become conceivable.

“But there’s a problem: Einstein’s wormholes are extremely unsteady, and they don’t stay open long enough for something to pass over.”

It’s also important to note the fact that in 1988, scientists deduced that a sort of negative energy known as Casimir energy might keep wormholes open.

Hypothetical answer 

The Cambridge hypothetical answer is based on the principles of quantum energy, which implies that even vacuums are seething with energy waves.

“Does this mean we have the technology for building a wormhole?” This is what Matt Visser at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand asked.

“The answer is still no.” Still, he is intrigued by Butcher’s work. “From a physics perspective, it may revitalise interest in wormholes.”

Let’s say that you imagine two metal plates in a vacuum – it’s important to note that certain waves of energy will be too large to fit between the plates, implying that the space-time between the plates will have negative energy.

“Under the right circumstances, could the tube-like shape of the wormhole itself generate Casimir energy? Calculations show that if the wormhole’s throat is orders of magnitude longer then the width of its mouth, it does indeed create Casimir energy at its center.”

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