Breaking News: Potential Sign Of Life On Venus Revealed!

Breaking News: Potential Sign Of Life On Venus Revealed!

The quest for alien life in the universe continues, and we might have some novelties. 

The scientific community revealed a mind-blowing announcement – it seems that there are potential signs of life on Venus. 

CBS News notes that traces of a rare molecule that’s known as phosphine have been found in the hellish and heavily acidic atmosphere of Venus.

The possibility of life on Venus 

This is huge because it could hint to the possibility that life exists there. 

The online publication mentioned above notes that “Phosphine molecules found on Earth are primarily a result of human industry or the actions of microbes that thrive in oxygen-free environments.”

It’s important to mention the fact that experts did not say under any circumstance that life has been already detected here. But their observations are indeed suggesting that there’s a possibility of microbial activity in the upper layers of the atmosphere of Venus – this is away from the planet’s surface which cannot be inhabited.

“We have detected a rare gas called phosphine in the atmosphere of our neighbor planet Venus,” according to Jane Greaves, a professor at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom and lead author of a report published in Nature Astronomy.

She continued and explained this: “And the reason for our excitement is that phosphine gas on Earth is made by microorganisms that live in oxygen-free environments. And so there is a chance that we have detected some kind of living organism in the clouds of Venus.”

More analysis is required 

The same online publication mentioned above notes that there are many studies required in order to support any kind of claims about the ET life here.

“In order to make this quite extraordinary claim that there might be life there, we really have to rule everything out, and that’s why we’re very cautious saying we’re not claiming there’s life, but claiming there’s something that is really unknown and it might be life,” according to the team member William Bains, a researcher at MIT., as quoted by CBS News.

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