BREAKING NEWS: Alien Civilizations Might Generate Signals Intercepted By China’s “Sky Eye” Telescope

BREAKING NEWS: Alien Civilizations Might Generate Signals Intercepted By China’s “Sky Eye” Telescope

The age-old question “Are we alone in the Universe?” might finally have the answer that many of us had been waiting for. Researchers in charge of China’s “Sky Eye” telescope (aka FAST – the Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope) have detected signals that could have their origin in alien civilizations, as Yahoo News informs.

Researchers with Beijing Normal University are those responsible for the new findings, and they presented them in a new report from Science and Technology Daily. The discovery indeed has a true potential to become historical. But even so, there could be another possible explanation for the newfound signals, and it doesn’t involve any hypothetical green men with big black eyes. Therefore, more research is definitely needed.

It could be just radio interference

Zhang Tongjie, a cosmologist who’s passionate about searching for alien life, comes to shatter our dreams a bit. He raises the possibility for the radio signals to just be the result of radio interference. This scenario obviously rules out any alien civilizations that might be generating the signals. The good news is that the researchers seem eager to find a definitive answer. And they should, as the whole world will likely want the same thing as soon as they read the news about the discovery!

Tongjie explained as Yahoo News quotes:

The possibility that the suspicious signal is some kind of radio interference is also very high, and it needs to be further confirmed and ruled out. This may be a long process.

Many astronomers have always believed that the Universe must be teeming with life. Otherwise, how could such a huge, majestic, and apparently infinite portion of spacetime exist for a single intelligent species?

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