Black Holes Collide, Experts Note The Strangest And Most Abnormal Effect

Black Holes Collide, Experts Note The Strangest And Most Abnormal Effect

It’s already a known fact that black holes are not supposed to make flashes of light – their own name says it. 

Astronomers have been trying for decades to understand he exactly black holes work and these cosmic entities managed to trigger all kinds of assumptions and theories. 

Even when these entities are slamming into one another, the massive objects are supposed to be invisible to the astronomers’ traditional instruments that they are using to check the skies. 

Strange black hole collision 

But when experts detected a black hole collision back in 2019, they were also able to spot something that was completely unexpected: a really strange flash from this crash. 

Live Science recently reported that back on May 21, 2019, Earth’s gravitational wave detectors caught the signal of two massive objects colliding, while they were also sending ripples cascading through spacetime.

“Later, an observatory called the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) caught a blast of light. As scientists looked at the two signals, they realized both came from the same patch of sky, and researchers started wondering whether they had spotted the rare visible black hole collision,” the online publication mentioned above noted.

Experts are enthusiastic about the discovery 

The publication also cited the experts in order to highlight their enthusiasm. “This detection is extremely exciting,” according to Daniel Stern, coauthor of a new study and an astrophysicist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

He continued and said this in a NASA statement: “There’s a lot we can learn about these two merging black holes and the environment they were in based on this signal that they sort of inadvertently created.”

It’s been also revealed what exactly happened in this specific case, according to experts – the two black holes that merged together were locked in the disk surrounding a quasar. As you probably know by now, this is a supermassive black hole that shoots out massive energy blasts. 

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