Black Holes Capable of Erasing Someone’s Past are Real, At Least Theoretically

Black Holes Capable of Erasing Someone’s Past are Real, At Least Theoretically

If you ever regretted giving your vote to a certain politician or hooking up with too many guys during your lifetime, you’re not alone! The good news is that there is at least a theoretical chance for you to erase that past that haunts you often, and the method implies the use of a certain type of black hole.

Anybody who knows a little bit about astronomy is also well-aware that generally, black holes are nothing but friendly. These cosmic monsters are capable of pushing pretty much everything towards them with great force, as not even light can escape. But according to a study from roughly three years ago that tells us about, some black holes are even capable of erasing your own past.

It’s mathematically possible

For the new study, mathematicians figured out that it’s at least theoretically possible for some black holes from an expanding universe such as ours to reset the past of their content. The future will also be turned into a giant conundrum.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

If it’s true, the singularities from the black holes may hold valuable secrets from all of us. The laws of physics may completely fall apart in those regions.

Scientists are now considering a concept known as cosmic censorship to deal with the huge difference.

Peter Hinz, who is a mathematician from the University of California, Berkeley, declared:

People had been complacent for some 20 years, since the mid ’90s, that strong cosmological censorship is always verified,

We challenge that point of view.

Therefore, next time you’re tempted to rely on booze to forget about that cruel past, you could think about a black hole instead. Of course, you must also find a way to survive falling into such a cosmic object.

This research appeared in Physical Review Letters.

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