Bizarre Organism Found Deep Into the Ocean Leaves Scientists Clueless – Watch VIDEO

Bizarre Organism Found Deep Into the Ocean Leaves Scientists Clueless – Watch VIDEO

Why in the world are astronomers still struggling to find alien life on other planets when there are still creatures living on Earth that we don’t know much about? That seems to become a reasonable question when we take a look at what explorers discovered at the bottom of the Caribbean: mysterious “blue goo” organisms lying on the bottom of the ocean without moving, as Futurism reveals.

Scientists can’t explain for the moment what the bizarre creature is. But it’s the mystery itself that creates the beauty of science, and it’s also available in this case. Check out the video for yourself, and feel free to leave a comment where you can try to guess the identity of the creature:

The official live stream of the expedition captures the reactions of scientists as well. One of them said about the identity of the newfound creature:

We’re still not sure. And we all really like a good mystery.

Another one of the scientists can be heard saying:

I think that’s actually one of the things that’s most exciting about Okeanos explorer expeditions,

There’s always at least one thing that stumps you.

The Caribbean region from the Americas consists of the Caribbean Sea, islands, and surrounding coasts. The region covers an area of 2.75 million square kilometers. 

The Caribbean is also known to have a large concentration of marine creatures. To give a few examples, we can mention snapper, sturgeon, parrotfish, barracuda, spotted butterfly, porcupine, tarpon, and damselfish.

Over 12,000 species were reported to be seen in the Caribbean Sea. 

Another interesting fact about the Caribbean region is that only two seasons exist there: dry and rainy. The dry season (aka the high season) takes place from mid-December to mid-April. The remaining time of the year in the Caribbean is obviously going through the rainy season.

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