Bill Gates Thinks That a Specific Technology Will Replace Smartphones

Bill Gates Thinks That a Specific Technology Will Replace Smartphones

We all have to admit that trying to imagine our every day lives without our smartphones is impossible. But let’s not forget that the world was all fine until a few decades ago, even without those handy little devices. 

Therefore, why wouldn’t it be possible once again? After all, nothing lasts forever in this world, and it also applies to smartphones. Even the powerful and imposing Sun that sustains all life forms on Earth will face its demise one day. But let’s set aside those scientific and philosophical topics for now. We spoke about the Sun’s end in another article

Bill Gates predicts that electronic tattoos will replace smartphones

According to, the famous businessman Bill Gates predicts that electronic tattoos developed by Chaotic Moon Studios will replace smartphones in the future. If you have no idea what on Earth an electronic tattoo is, welcome to the club! Neither did we, but hey, everything has a beginning!

Electronic tattoos represent a technique based on biotechnology that has the goal of analyzing and collecting information from the human body by somehow entering it.

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Bill Gates believes that it will be possible that people will get to use electronic tattoos in pretty much the same way they do today with smartphones: sending messages to each other, calling, or looking for a specific address. Also, the developers behind the technology think that it can be used in medical ways. There’s no telling yet when electronic tattoos will become available for the public.

Bill Gates may not be so smart as the world’s top scientists. In fact, he’s not even a scientist. But since he’s filthy rich and always willing to offer predictions about hot subjects, we have to believe him.

What do you think? Would you be able to survive without your smartphone?


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