Bigelow Aerospace’s New Space Station Will Be The Biggest One Ever

Bigelow Aerospace’s New Space Station Will Be The Biggest One Ever

Bigelow Aerospace is well-known for its creations such as self-inflating modules or the BEAM (Bigelow Expandable Activity Modules) which is now already part of the ISS. Bigelow Aerospace, however, aims higher and wants to develop more inflatable modules for commercial and corporative use and one big space station for scientific research.

The corporation plans to launch a few supplementary self-inflating space stations (codenamed B3330s)

These modules will measure 12,000 cu. ft. when completely inflated which is equal to approximately 1/3 the volume of the International Space Station.

Bigelow Aerospace plans to launch the new B333-s modules by 2021 with two space crafts.

Bigelow Aerospace is planning to build a huge space station

Bigelow Aerospace doesn’t plan to stop at sending more inflatable space modules and the company is right now planning to build a huge space station that stunned the scientific world.

The new Bigelow’s space station will have a volume of 2.4 times larger than the one of the International Space Station.
The corporation assumes that their future huge space station, codenamed B330s, will allow scientific experimentation at just a small cost in comparison with what ISS is offering at the moment.

Bigelow Aerospace gave birth to Bigelow Space Operations (BSO) for building the new modules

Recently, Bigelow Aerospace created a subsidiary company, Bigelow Space Operation which has the mission to construct the future expendable modules and the huge space station.

According to the company’s planning, Bigelow Space Operations will be building its modules to be fit for almost all the space crafts out there, including SpaceX Dragon, NASA Orion, Boeing Starliner, and even the Russian Soyuz.
Besides, BSO’s modules may be helpful in the future NASA missions to the Moon because the module size is especially suitable for astronauts who’ll go to the Moon or for the astronauts who have long-term space missions.

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