Being Sad and Lonely Can Affect You More Than Smoking in Some Way

Being Sad and Lonely Can Affect You More Than Smoking in Some Way

Unless you’ve been living on another planet until now, surely you know very well that smoking is bad for your health. Most lung cancers are caused by lighting up those cigarettes, while such an addiction can also lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more. Apart from these terrible diseases, smoking also accelerates the aging process. 

There you have some strong reasons to quit smoking or never start doing it in the first place. What’s weird is that the simple fact of remaining in a sad and lonely state for too much time can also accelerate the aging process, and even more than cigarettes do, as an international collaboration reveals after analyzing data from almost 12,000 people, according to SciTechDaily.

Don’t neglect your mood!

Thanks to the new study, it was discovered that being lonely, sad, or not getting good sleep can have consistent effects on the pace of aging. In other words, it’s important to avoid restless sleep at night and being upset if you don’t want those wrinkles to appear too early on your face.

The study says in the paper:

We demonstrate that psychological factors, such as feeling unhappy or being lonely, add up to 1.65 years to one’s biological age, and the aggregate effect exceeds the effects of biological sex, living area, marital status, and smoking status. We conclude that the psychological component should not be ignored in aging studies due to its significant impact on biological age.

The international collaboration responsible for the new study was led by Deep Longevity, a company that claims to be the pioneer of aging clocks, as it has been developing them since 2014. Enterprise customers at Deep Longevity can get a SaaS platform that they can use for generating Biological Age Predictions and also Reports.

The new study was published in Aging-US.

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