Behold the Ketchup Made With Tomatoes Grown Under Mars-Like Conditions

Behold the Ketchup Made With Tomatoes Grown Under Mars-Like Conditions

If we can’t go to Mars yet, why not bring Mars to us in one way or another? That seems to be what Heinz had in his mind when he came up with the “Marz Edition” ketchup. And what better idea could someone possibly come up with when it comes to promoting the idea of harvesting on the Red Planet one day? Because let’s face it: who on Earth doesn’t like ketchup?

The news of the “Marz Edition” ketchup is brought by, and to get it done, it was needed for the work of a team of astrobiologists from the Aldrin Space Institute of the Florida Institute of Technology.

Imitating the conditions from Mars

The sauce is made from tomatoes that were grown in harsh conditions that resemble those from Mars. Therefore, there’s no use getting over-hyped and believing that scientists managed to grow tomatoes on the Red Planet, similar to the plot of “The Martian” movie from 2015.

Cristina Kenz, who’s chief growth officer for Kraft Heinz International Zone, declared as quoted by

We’re so excited that our team of experts have been able to grow tomatoes in conditions found on another planet and share our creation with the world,

From analyzing the soil from Martian conditions two years ago to harvesting now, it’s been a journey that’s proved wherever we end up, Heinz Tomato Ketchup will still be enjoyed for generations to come.

It may be disappointing for many, but don’t expect to find bottles of Marz Edition ketchup at any supermarket. They’re not available to buy, but one batch was unveiled at the Heinz headquarters in Pittsburgh. It turned out that the experimental sauce is worthy of approval to become certified Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

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