Behold NASA’s Wild Scenario That Explains Why Aliens Aren’t Here Yet

Behold NASA’s Wild Scenario That Explains Why Aliens Aren’t Here Yet

Most astronomers and scientists, in general, agree with the idea that we cannot be alone in the Universe. But why didn’t aliens contact us already? Researchers from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology are coming with a reliable and wild claim: highly-intelligent beings from other planets annihilated themselves.

Scientific progress is generally a good thing. What could possibly be more beautiful and exciting for an intelligent being than to discover and build? But at the same time, things can get out of control and dangerous when multiple individuals cannot agree with each other.

Technological advances lead to impending disaster

We know very well how greedy, selfish, and eager for political power intelligent beings can get once they gain authority. Wars automatically occur, and something similar could happen for civilizations from other planets as well.

The researchers involved in the new study reminded us that past studies show that technological advances of a civilization will automatically lead to complete destruction and even biological degeneration. Therefore, any intelligent civilization once existing in the Milky Way has likely annihilated itself.

An official statement says:

[I]f intelligent life is likely to destroy themselves, it is not surprising that there is little or no intelligent life elsewhere.

If we want to have any chance of encountering those long-disappeared and intelligent aliens, our only hope is to somehow invent a time machine and go backward in time several billions of years. The scientists theorize that the peak conditions for life to develop elsewhere in the Galaxy likely occurred about 8 billion years after Milky Way was formed.

If some intelligent extraterrestrial beings truly are there, somewhere, the main question we all should be asking ourselves is this: is humanity really prepared for such an encounter?


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2 thoughts on “Behold NASA’s Wild Scenario That Explains Why Aliens Aren’t Here Yet

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    We are not prepared for such an encounter!!!! How can we be prepared for a different life form if humans can’t get along with each other I believe we must first under stand ourselves before we can be prepared to understand an more intelligent life form..

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    Life is very common in the Galaxy…The United States has a serious problem because it has an aliance with the saranics negatives races, which are the rectilians and the insectoides…the galaxy federation council is in general very positive and millions of years more advance than the ones associated with the United states. The race equivalent to us are the pleyadianos. They lead the galactic federation council in their technology…being associared with the pleyadianos would be the best for our civilization. The advantage being aligned with the Playadianos is that they are our ancestors of previous extinct humans developed by the planet Earth. We have been received by our government…what they teach us is horses manure. Our ancestor were more advance then us. I recomend to people to read the duscoceries of a paleontology Dr. Medical Dr. J.J. BENITEZ OF PERU. His book are very enlightening. Our first develop civilization escape extintion leaving the planet Earth and going to the Pleiades. They left 1000’s books written in stone…there is a museum of 11,000 books in peru ana many other 1000’s that have been stolen. There us no hunting and gathering, there is no stone age, thsre is no copper age, iron ege…the paining in the caves were desperation messages left to us: “we are being hunted, we are being eaten by the rectiluan race.”


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