Axiogenesis Might Be the Answer to One of the Greatest Enigmas of the Universe

Axiogenesis Might Be the Answer to One of the Greatest Enigmas of the Universe

Axiogenesis, the QCD axion that is at least one billion times lighter in comparison to a proton, may answer some of the most interesting dilemmas related to the physics of the universe: Can we extend the Standard Model to interpret the excessive amount of matter over antimatter?

Is it possible to trace the origins and exact state of dark matter? How to justify the symmetry encountered among the forces which bind neutrons and protons?

It is thought that millions of QCD axion particles can travel through regular matter every second. Interactions may not be visible with the naked eye, but they can be traced at a subatomic level with the help of advanced sensors.

Direct detection of QCD axions did not take place at this point, but the new study can offer valuable insight for further research.

A new study on axiogenesis

Two expert physicists have created a compelling argument related to the possible properties of the QCD axion, with one of them stating that it is very flexible and can be used to test a wide assortment of theories in a practical manner.

According to the researchers, the QCD axion can be employed to explain the CP problem, as the powerful force which preserves a fascinating symmetry known under the name of Charge Parity. Despite the CP symmetry, observations have shown that the neutron will not interact with the electrical field even if it is charged.

QCD could also be used to explain the elusive nature of dark matter, offering a possible answer related to the substance which forms more than 80% of the known universe. It may also answer the puzzle posed by the matter-antimatter asymmetry problem.

A greater understanding of the QCD axion dynamics may change what we currently know about the expansion of the universe and the features of gravitational waves. The study has been well-received, and it will be published in a scientific journal.


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