Australian Researchers Created A Medical Device With AI To Help People Affected By Paralysis

Australian Researchers Created A Medical Device With AI To Help People Affected By Paralysis

A team of Australian researchers has managed to create a new medical device which harnesses the power of AI, with the potential to help people who are affected by paralysis.

The experimental treatment has received approval for the first trial on a human. The procedure will take place at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. The miniature medical device, on par with a paperclip, is called the Stentrode. Five patients will participate in the trial. The Stentrode will be implanted in the motor cortex, the area of the brain which is responsible for movement.

The researchers hope that the device will be able to detect the signals produced by the brain and send them to a computer. The resulting interface between a brain and a computer would mark massive progress for the medical community. It could allow people affected by debilitating injuries to communicate and interact with their loved ones.

New medical device based on AI to help people affected by paralysis, invented by Australians researchers

Patients affected by the motor-neuron disease and those with severe paralysis could gain the ability to use a mouse or keyboard, an achievement which would give them a bit of independence. The researcher who created the device noted that the small machine could capture small brain signals which are analyzed and decoded by an advanced AI and then send to a computer.

The patients will be able to control assistive technology like a personal computer, a next-generation device and other accessibility electronics without the need to ask for help. They will have to think about what they want to do, and they will be able to it with the help of advanced software solutions.

The new device marks a significant step forward when it comes to the creation and development of biotechnology which doesn’t require advanced knowledge to be used properly. If everything goes according to plan, the device could help millions of people from all over the world to live a better life. The trials will begin in the summer.

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