Astrophysicist Brings Mind-Boggling Theory: It Could Be Possible to Change the Laws of Physics

Astrophysicist Brings Mind-Boggling Theory: It Could Be Possible to Change the Laws of Physics

Unfortunately, we humans can surely mess around with some of the laws that govern our society (along with the related repercussions, of course), but we can never toy with the laws of nature that govern the entire Universe. Regardless of how much some of us hate gravity because it’s hindering our dreams of flying around like birds, for instance, we certainly cannot negotiate with it so that it will somehow ‘forget’ to apply its influence on us. 

Although we’re all aware of all these things, it could all change in the future. After all, why wouldn’t we take into account such a wild possibility? Technology has evolved tremendously in recent decades, and we don’t know what might exist on other planets. Perhaps alien civilizations have found the key to manipulating the laws of physics.

A member of the NASA-sponsored Categorizing Atmospheric Technosignatures program brings a mind-boggling idea reveals the incredible theory of Adam Frank, who’s an astrophysicist professor at University of Rochester and also a member of the Categorizing Atmospheric Technosignatures program that’s sponsored by NASA. He believes that it could be possible for a civilization to reach such an advanced level to change the laws of physics themselves.

Frank wrote for Big Think the following:

But what if a civilization becomes so advanced that it can in fact change those laws? This civilization would have gone well beyond merely harvesting energy. The very nature of energy itself, with established rules like energy conservation, would be subject to revision within the scope of engineering.

The same scientist even believes in the possibility for an alien civilization to “mix and match physical laws any way they see fit,” according to the same source.

Of course, this is nothing more than a theory, as there’s not even definitive proof for the existence of an alien civilization anywhere in the observable Universe. But at the same time, we need to give some credit to it.


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