Astronomers Unveil Object That Survived the Approach to a Black Hole

Astronomers Unveil Object That Survived the Approach to a Black Hole

Anybody who has heard about black holes knows by now that these objects don’t like to be approached. Getting too close would literally be suicidal. There’s no strong scientific evidence that a black hole would behave like the one from the Interstellar movie and only send you back in time if it captures you.

The astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson also admitted that the movie’s plot was made only for pure drama. Black holes are extremely dangerous. Period. They absorb even light. Their gravitational pull is beyond comprehension, literally speaking. It’s infinite, allowing the black holes to swallow anything that comes too close. But still, one space object might represent an exception.

Praise the G2 object!

The cosmic object known as G2 is the one that survived being engulfed by a black hole. In fact, G2 is represented by a pair of three infant stars covered by a cloud of gas and dust, and a black hole didn’t want to include them on the menu, as reveals. Back in 2014, the G2 cloud mysteriously avoided being swallowed by Sgr A*, the supermassive black hole located at the heart of our Milky Way galaxy. It led to the creation of a so-called “cosmic fizzle,” meaning that the cloud elongated as it was approaching the black hole. Later on, the object regained a form that was closer to its normal phase.

The researchers explained the following, as they wrote in the study paper from The Astrophysical Journal:

We propose that the monitored dust-enshrouded objects are remnants of a dissolved young stellar cluster whose formation was initiated in the circumnuclear disk.

Still, you can bet any astronomical amount of money that going anywhere near a black hole remains a risky maneuver. Also, spending your vacation in another solar system that’s close to such a cosmic monster is also not an option to consider. We know that technology can’t allow us to go to such places for the moment, but who knows, maybe some of you have found out the secret for teleportation.

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