Astronomers Take Impressive Picture of the 2007 FF1 ‘Potentially Hazardous’ Asteroid

Astronomers Take Impressive Picture of the 2007 FF1 ‘Potentially Hazardous’ Asteroid

Astronomers estimate that in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, there are over one million asteroids that have a diameter of over 1 kilometer across. That means that theoretically, there’s no telling when a huge and dangerous asteroid could be heading our way.

The space rock designated as 2007 FF1 is designated as “potentially hazardous,” and the New York Post informs that it will pass by our planet on April 1. Luckily enough, there’s no chance of a collision, as it seems once again that somebody up there still loves us!

2007 FF1 measures about 200 meters

While the 2007 FF1 asteroid measures roughly 200 meters across, it would certainly cause some damage if it ever hits our planet. It wouldn’t mean a “Chicxulub 2.0” impact, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t mean that you would be willing to welcome it.

Astronomers in charge of the Virtual Telescope Project (VTP) captured the asteroid in a new image:

Gianluca Masi, the founder of VTP, wrote, as the New York Post quotes:

This about 200 meters large asteroid will reach its minimum distance from us on April 1 at 21:35 UTC,

Of course, there are no risks at all for our planet.

We can all feel glad that NASA is closely monitoring the sky permanently for any possible threats. Of course, even our cosmic vicinity is way too large to be monitored with 100% accuracy, but it still represents a pretty sure bet that humanity has. 

Until now, there’s no sign of any dangerous asteroid or comet approaching our planet in the near future, according to NASA. Otherwise, meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere very often, but most of those space rocks are way too small to make it to the surface intact. Long live air friction and gravitational acceleration! Without them, we would probably be history right now, along with the dinosaurs!

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