Astronomers Spot Mysterious Cube on the Moon

Astronomers Spot Mysterious Cube on the Moon

Perhaps everybody has heard about that age-old conspiracy theory that aliens living on the Moon had scared away astronauts from ever going there again. One thing’s for sure: it’s difficult to bring a compelling explanation for why humans didn’t return to the Moon in almost half a century.

As there is no evidence for the existence of aliens on our natural satellite, there are certainly some clues that can lead to speculations. One of them is a mysterious cube-shaped structure found on the Moon by the Yutu 2 Chinese rover. The structure immediately caught the attention of astronomers, who wanted to learn more about it ASAP.

No, there are no aliens

No aliens are trying to “wave” at the Chinese rover, as far as astronomers know. We’re sorry to disappoint those hoping that the Moon is inhabited by little green men who would be willing to tell us the secrets of the Universe and how to win the lottery.


Humans landed on the Moon in 1972, during the Apollo 17 mission. Only 12 astronauts had the privilege to walk on our natural satellite, and all of those walks occurred during the Apollo missions. Two times more astronauts went to the Moon during the Apollo missions.

The official reason why humanity didn’t go to the Moon for such a huge amount of time was represented by money. The cost for such a journey implying a human crew was huge.

But if aliens don’t exist on the Moon, where could they be, if they truly are there, somewhere in the vast ocean of space? Such a conundrum has been analyzed a lot over the years by scientists, philosophers, and even regular people. Aliens could be anywhere without us even knowing. Life could exist in forms that neither of us has any idea about. Maybe even some of us is an alien without knowing.


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