Astronomers Spot Asteroid a Few Hours Before Passing By Our Planet

Astronomers Spot Asteroid a Few Hours Before Passing By Our Planet

You can complain about a lot of stuff while being a member of this huge Universe where we all live. But you certainly cannot complain about getting bored! If you haven’t heard about the asteroid designated Sar2594 (aka 2022 FD1), don’t worry! It’s understandable.

According to, the asteroid in question passed by our planet within 8,700 kilometers on March 25. That’s incredibly close, and we should be thankful that the space rock didn’t hit, as even relatively small objects can produce some damage.

Sar2594 measures four meters in diameter

Measuring only about four meters in diameter, the asteroid cannot be considered big enough to pose a major threat. Even so, the asteroid is considered a Near-Earth Object (NEO). Krisztián Sarneczky from the Piszkéstető Observatory in northern Hungary is the astronomer who discovered the asteroid on March 24, meaning just a few hours before it passed by.

Tony Dunn is also referring to the asteroid known as 2022 EB5, a space rock measuring three meters wide that impacted our planet just a few hours after it was discovered by the same Krisztián Sarneczky.

Dr. David Polishook from NASA explained as The Jerusalem Post quotes:

The impact made no damage, falling into the sea between Norway to Iceland. However, just imagine it would have crashed a few hours earlier over Russia,

With the ongoing crisis, would Russia have identified it as an asteroid or as a rocket, and returned fire with its own missiles?

NASA is constantly monitoring the sky for any possible huge asteroids that could represent threats, but it’s obvious that the Universe is way too big even for the space agency to track down any possible threat. However, NASA seems to have done a pretty good job until now, but real threats can always occur. 

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