Astronomers Have a New Idea for Exploring Space Beyond the Solar System: an Interstellar Probe

Astronomers Have a New Idea for Exploring Space Beyond the Solar System: an Interstellar Probe

Going to another planet would be difficult enough, even for the most illustrious minds from the astronomic field. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Going to another star system is obviously a lot harder, but again, let’s not underestimate the technological progress of humanity.

Here’s another reason why we shouldn’t underestimate science, at least when it comes to astronomy: according to, there’s a new concept mission under debate, and it’s known as Interstellar Probe. You’ve already guessed what it’s all about.

The Interstellar Probe is supposed to explore space beyond the Solar System in mid-2030s

Here’s another reason why exiting our solar system shouldn’t be completely left out of the plan: humanity has done it before through the launch of NASA’s Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Why wouldn’t it happen again?

Scientists from the Johns Hopkins University Applies Physics Laboratory are the ones in charge of revealing the formal proposal of the Interstellar Probe. They did it at the American Geophysical Union meeting that was held in late 2021 in New Orleans.

If their idea will indeed be put into practice, the Interstellar Probe will be the first spacecraft to probe the interface of the heliosphere, meaning the protective bubble of our Sun, as well as the interstellar medium. It will even reach an incredible 380 AU from the Sun.

Alice Cocoros (Johns Hopkins APL) declared, as quoted by

The beauty of the Interstellar Probe is not in reaching any one point but the journey it will take through the solar system,

We will begin taking measurements shortly after launching and will continue doing so for the duration of the 50-year mission . . . far beyond the reach of any spacecraft that has flown before. The continuity of these measurements throughout the journey will provide insightful information to answer some of the most pressing questions in space physics.

However, the world has a lot to wait to see the Interstellar Probe in action: it shall be launched in the mid-2030s on a Space Launch System (SLS) Block 2 heavy rocket. Furthermore, the mission will last for a few decades.

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