Astronomers Had Been Looking at Millions of Stars to Search for Intelligent Alien Life – The Outcome is Stunning

Astronomers Had Been Looking at Millions of Stars to Search for Intelligent Alien Life – The Outcome is Stunning

We said so many times already that it doesn’t take to be a scientist to figure out that intelligent life forms should exist on other planets. Humanity always suspected it, and one of the strongest arguments is that the Universe is simply too big to have been made only for us.

It’s astronomers’ duty to explore the unknown and push the boundaries of human knowledge to the point of unveiling a mystery that not everybody wants. If aliens truly are out there, somewhere, we certainly have no guarantee that they would be willing to shake hands and give us the secrets of the Universe, such as solving Rubik cubes in a few seconds. 

Either way, it’s nice to see that astronomers never seem to be willing to give up in their search for alien life forms.

No signs of intelligent alien life in the Milky Way’s core

Our Milky Way’s core has a lot of stars. Way too many. There’s no wonder why scientists hoped that some intelligent alien life might exist there. But according to, the new study led by Chenoa Tremblay, a scientist from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), turned out to be pretty useless. There’s wasn’t any sign of aliens that are fans of technology in the area from Milky Way’s core. The result is indeed surprising, considering the huge number of stars explored by astronomers. 

However, losing hope is not an option, as here’s what the authors of the study wrote, as quotes:

Despite these factors, modelling by Gowanlock et al. (2011) finds a majority of planets that may support complex life are found toward the inner Galaxy (less than 1 kpc from the Galactic Centre). Morrison & Gowanlock (2015) extend this model to include intelligent life, and also find higher probability within the inner Galaxy.

There’s no proof of alien life just yet, but who knows, maybe things will change soon enough. As a wise man once said: whether there are aliens out there, somewhere, or not, both scenarios are equally frightening.

The new paper has been called “A Search for Technosignatures toward the Galactic Centre at 150 MHz.”


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