Astronauts Will Travel in Space Using Space Balloons Instead of Rockets

Astronauts Will Travel in Space Using Space Balloons Instead of Rockets

Some people consider that rockets represent the pinnacle of human technology, and we’re not here to contradict them. But space balloons could turn out to be a worthy alternative, and a company from Florida called Space Perspective aims to take that scenario very seriously. The firm has already lifted the space balloon Neptune One high above the surface, proving that they mean business.

The news is brought by Yahoo! Life, and it shows once again that the human need to explore the unknown of cosmic space doesn’t have any boundaries. Furthermore, people could be using the balloon in the future for space tourism.

Neptune One will provide relaxing cosmic journeys into the stratosphere

While astronauts sustaining those intense G forces until they feel their lungs getting out of their backs represent something usual for space journeys, Neptune One aims to add a little well-deserved comfort. The space balloon will be offering its passengers a bar, WiFi for a truly out-of-this-world internet connection, and a toilet. Eight passengers and a pilot will be taking part in a journey along with Neptune One.


Jane Poynter, the founder of Space Perspective, said as cited by Yahoo! Life:

Everything is slow, gentle and comfortable,

You’re not blasting into space on top of a rocket, with the fury and vibrations that involves.

Although the balloon will have its pilot onboard, it will be controlled remotely.

There’s apparently no objective reason to believe that regular people won’t be spending their holidays high above the ground and taking photos of the curvatures of the Earth. Jane Poynter also confirms it indirectly by saying:

You’re already beginning to see a whole eco-system develop, including companies focused on training and service and even a space travel agency.

Neptune One will be floating into the stratosphere, meaning the second layer of our planet’s atmosphere as we go upward.

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