Astronaut Hails Innovative Eutelsat Quantum Satellite

Astronaut Hails Innovative Eutelsat Quantum Satellite

Tim Peake who is a British astronaut managed to hail an innovative satellite that is being manufacturer by Airbus. What’s interesting is that the satellite’s developers are saying that their groundbreaking device will take space telecommunications to the next level by adding another layer of flexibility.

The Eutelsat Quantum

The satellite is known as the Eutelsat Quantum and its being created by a multinational company that is based in Portsmouth which sits on the south coast of England. Furthermore, the satellite is going to be transferred to France where it will begin its testing phase which will take place later this year.

2019 Launch Date

As previously mentioned, the satellite is almost ready to enter the testing phase. Therefore, the satellite’s developers are proud to announce that it will be launched into orbit in 2019. Things get even better than this because this will be the first time when a commercial satellite that can be fully reconfigured from Earth is launched into orbit. For example, Eutelsat Quantum operators will be able to change things in real time such as the frequency it operates at and which regions of the planet is hovers over.

This is what Yohann Leroy who is the deputy CEO of French satellite operator Eutelsat had to say about the groundbreaking satellite: “What is really new is the level of flexibility that the satellite will provide and so this will be thanks to a combination of technologies that we will put on board the satellite”.

Yohann Leroy also said that the new technology can be used by operators to alter different regulatory constraints which give them the possibility to adjust to different market conditions all throughout the satellite’s 15 years life span. “There can be much faster change in market demand, seasonal demand or even daily demand” added Yohann Leroy.


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