Astonishing Meteor Flew Across Canadian Sky

Astonishing Meteor Flew Across Canadian Sky

A mid-sized fireball, full as the moon, flew across the province of Ontario, Canada. This has happened on July 24, and probably with it, it might have thrown some meteorites to Earth too.

This fiery event has been recorded by 10 all-sky cameras that were deployed by Western University in London, Canada, and reached across the southern region of Ontario and Quebec. The footage was recorded near Montreal that is about 420 kilometers east of Bancroft.

The meteor was visible from the US, too

The American Meteor Society’s website has several pending reports from that moment when it happened in Canada, and this might mean that the fireball was quite likely visible in the United States too.

“We suspect meteorites made it to the ground because the fireball ended very low in the atmosphere, just to the west of Bancroft, and slowed down significantly,” Peter Brown, a Western professor who specializes in meteorites, said in a statement. “This is a good indicator that the material survived.”

The officials encourage the public to get in touch with Kim Tait from the Royal Ontario Museum if they come into contact with possible meteor fragments, to preserve their scientific worth. The individuals that find rock fragments that are suspected of being from the meteor, are advised to wrap them in plastic bags or aluminum foils and present them to the officials.

Studying space rocks fallen from above

Meteors keep falling into Earth’s atmosphere from time to time every each year and they might appear to the naked eye as shooting stars. The wholesome meteor will burn up completely in the process of falling, even so, small fragments can detach from it and fall to Earth.

These fragments are being kept under observation by NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office just to make sure these pieces won’t be threatening. Until now, no such threats were found on Earth.

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