Asteroid the Size of a Football Field is Heading Near Earth – Should We Worry?

Asteroid the Size of a Football Field is Heading Near Earth – Should We Worry?

Asteroids the size of a football field don’t represent anything new in the Cosmos. But when we hear about one that’s heading somewhere near the Earth, as in the case of the space rock dubbed as 2007 UY1, it’s something else. 

According to The Jerusalem Post, the 2007 UY1 asteroid has a pretty big diameter that can make anyone worry, and it approaches a region close to our planet. The space rock measures roughly 150 meters for its diameter. Although it doesn’t have the potential to destroy the world, it would still cause some significant damage if it hits. 

The 2007 UY1 asteroid will safely pass by our planet

There’s no reason to worry about an impact, as the 2007 UY1 asteroid doesn’t have our planet’s name written on it. Instead, it will safely pass by Earth at great velocity.

We have less than two weeks to wait for the big asteroid’s pass by. The event will occur on February 8, as the space rock will miss our planet at a distance of 5.3 million kilometers.

According to a recent study, humanity is already prepared just in case an asteroid big enough to pose a threat to our planet is approaching. The scientists would rely on the “Pulverize It” (PI) method. Despite its name, the method doesn’t involve destroying the hypothetical ‘global killer’ asteroid completely. It only involves shooting it enough just to destroy some of its surfaces for changing its path. That’s great news if humanity is indeed technologically prepared! The dinosaurs didn’t manage to come up with any defense mechanisms for big asteroids, and we all know how much that cost them!

Therefore, just in case you were hoping for the end of the world, we have to disappoint you, but you’ll have to rely on some other event to get the job done. We will still have enough time to accomplish each of our goals or fail them all miserably.


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