Asteroid More Powerful Than a Nuclear Weapon Will Approach Earth Very Soon

Asteroid More Powerful Than a Nuclear Weapon Will Approach Earth Very Soon

The Universe is far too big for space agencies to detect all the asteroids that have the potential of posing a threat to us. At least one of the big asteroids that will come close to us is 2018 AH. As The Jerusalem Post reveals, the space rock would be significantly more powerful than a nuclear bomb if it collides with Earth, and it will come close very soon.

In late December, the 2018 AH asteroid will approach our planet. The space rock measures 190 meters long, and there’s no wonder why a possible impact would cause so much damage. But once again, it looks like someone up there still loves us.

2018 AH will pass by Earth on December 27

Just two days after Christmas, the 2018 AH asteroid will pass by our planet at a distance of roughly 4.5 million kilometers away, leaving us no reason to worry. The asteroid won’t hit us, meaning that each of us will still have a lot of time left to achieve our goals or fail completely in our attempt.

As the name itself suggests, you may have already guessed that the 2018 AH asteroid has also been around before. In 2018, the space rock also passed by our planet, and at a much shorter distance: 296,758 kilometers. For the Universe, that’s practically nothing! It literally means a shorter distance than the one that separates Earth from the Moon. To land on our natural satellite roughly half a century ago, the Apollo mission crew had to travel for 384,400 kilometers.

Now here’s the even scarier part: when the 2018 AH asteroid passed by our planet three years ago, astronomers didn’t even see it coming. That’s indeed frightening, even though astronomers are keeping their eyes on the sky for possible threats. But again, the Universe might be far too big to be entirely monitored by humans.

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