The Asteroid That Killed The Dinosaurs Activated The Oceans’ Volcanoes

The Asteroid That Killed The Dinosaurs Activated The Oceans’ Volcanoes

A recent study published in Science Advances reveals that the giant asteroid that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs activated the ocean volcanoes creating more chaos.

A 6-miles wide asteroid caused the extinction of the dinosaurs

The 6-miles wide space rock impacted on Earth where is now its crater in Yucatan area, the Chicxulub, with 66 million years ago, according to previous studies in this regard.

The asteroid has generated not only the disappearance of dinosaurs and other terrestrial species but also acid rain, which has made life impossible in the upper ocean levels, according to a Japanese study. Even more, immediately after impact, fire was raining from the skies significantly increasing the temperature. Some time afterward, the particles and smoke clouds covered the skies and reflected the sunlight causing significant temperatures drop all over the Earth.

Earthquakes, 100 times more powerful than the most powerful ones we recorded in recent years, were shaking the Earth and its inhabitants on daily basis.

Slowly, the plants began to die and herbivorous species were next. Then, carnivorous species died leaving the Earth deserted, in a post-apocalyptic scene.

The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs activated the ocean volcanoes

The recent study, conducted by the geophysicists at the University of Minnesota and University of Oregon, revealed that one more catastrophic event should be put on the list when it comes to the biggest asteroid impact in the Earth’s known history.

According to Joseph Byrnes, the asteroid impact caused the ocean volcanoes to erupt which led to an increase in the oceans levels and water temperature, as well. The scientists’ observations showed that this event happened in the Pacific and Indian oceans, at least.

The researchers believe that underwater volcanoes eruptions increased the water acidity and contributed to the extinction.

According to the study authors, such ocean volcanoes eruptions still happens today but they are not harmful. However, when the asteroid the planet 66 million years ago the eruptions were massive and widespread.


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