Asteroid Hits Earth Only Hours After Its Discovery

Asteroid Hits Earth Only Hours After Its Discovery

2022 EB5 might not say anything for you, but it’s the name of an asteroid that crashed into our planet this weekend, or at least what remained left of it. The small chunk impacted the surface of northern Iceland on March 11, just two hours after it was discovered, according to The Jerusalem Post

Just as a friendly reminder, space rocks enter the Earth’s atmosphere every single day. Luckily enough, nature has put plenty of ways to make the world a pretty safe place. Most of the rocks get completely obliterated in the atmosphere due to their huge speed and air friction. The longer distance an asteroid has to travel to reach a surface, the faster it will go. That’s how gravitational acceleration works. 

2022 EB5 was three meters wide

At three meters wide, the 2022 EB5 asteroid that hit the Earth couldn’t possibly produce any minor damage. But you also wouldn’t want it to land in your own household, that’s for sure. 

Surely the fact that a small asteroid wasn’t detected on time is pretty scary, although NASA is regularly scanning the sky for possible threats. Dr. David Polishook from NASA provides a simple explanation, as The Jerusalem Post quotes:

It was a tiny rock. It reflects just a little light from the Sun – it is hard to identify it.

The scientist also added, as the same source quotes:

The impact made no damage, falling into the sea between Norway to Iceland. However, just imagine it would have crashed a few hours earlier over Russia,

With the ongoing crisis, would Russia have identified it as an asteroid or as a rocket, and returned fire with its own missiles?

We can also remember that planet Jupiter plays a very protective role in the Solar System when it comes to big asteroids and comets that come too close. The gas giant has a gravity that’s strong enough to attract many of those space rocks and thus not allow them to hit our planet.


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