The Artificial Snow Impact On The Environment

The Artificial Snow Impact On The Environment

Nowadays, the winters are not similar to what they’ve used to be once. Snowfalls diminished in many regions around the Earth due to global warming and other climate changes. No snowfalls mean no profits for ski resorts, therefore, artificial snow comes into play. Even the 2018 Winter Olympics ski competitions were conducted on artificial snow. What impact the artificial snow has on the environment?

Artificial snow cannons lead to global warming

Typically, artificial snow cannons operate on fuel-powered electricity generator, thus, more cannons mean more fuel consumption and more carbon dioxide gas release which can affect the climate, at its turn.

A research conducted by Swiss scientists have revealed the fact that the artificial snow gives a denser snow covering in comparison to the natural snow. Thus, a denser snow covering affect the vegetation’s natural growth.

Obviously, it is a vicious circle – the climate changes force ski resorts to use equipment to pump artificial snow but these very pieces of equipment will, at their turn, contribute to global warming, negatively impacting the environment.

Many ski resorts are heading towards bankruptcy

The downside of fewer snowfalls is directly felt by ski resorts which face increasing costs to keep the needed cover of snow. And since there is no natural snow due to climate changes, the need for more artificial snow increases the costs since more snow cannons are needed.

Recently, a research conducted in the Australian Alps discovered that the profitability decline is felt harder by the resorts situated at lower altitudes since there the global warming can be felt better.

Adding more artificial snow cannons also means more compressors and water pipes, leading to increased costs.

According to the researchers, eventually, the majority of the ski resorts will not have the capacity to sustain the supplementary costs of producing more artificial snow to keep their businesses running.

Thus, the global warming and additional climate changes, to which ski resorts have contributed during time with environmental-harmful operations and artificial snow, will now return like a boomerang hitting the resorts right in their profits.


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  1. My God the ignorance of the author. Although energy is required for snow making, snow cover increases the reflectivity of the Earth. Therefore, no expert will quantify artificial snow as bad for climate. This headline is completely contrived: “Artificial snow cannons lead to global warming”.

    Snowmaking is bad for ecology because animals can’t live naturally in the areas where humans are active. Sure. But


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