Artificial Intelligence Proves That It’s Able to Understand Interactions Between Proteins

Artificial Intelligence Proves That It’s Able to Understand Interactions Between Proteins

Artificial Intelligence has shown to be very useful in recent years in plenty of fields. It was developed to make our lives easier, and in the near future, it will probably become something that we cannot live without.

Eukaryotic protein interactions don’t represent something easy to understand, even for us humans. Maybe that’s why Artificial Intelligence was used along with evolutionary analysis to create 3D models of such interactions. The news about the AI’s involvement is brought by UT Southwestern and University of Washington researchers that were led by an international team are responsible for the new achievement.

Over 100 probable protein complexes were identified

For the first time ever, more than 100 probable protein complexes were found. Furthermore, structural models were provided for over 700 that weren’t previously characterized.

To get an even new idea for how important the results gathered are, here’s what Qian Cong has to say, a Ph.D., Assistant Professor from the Eugene McDermott Center for Human Growth and Development, as quoted by

Our results represent a significant advance in the new era in structural biology in which computation plays a fundamental role.

The doctor also added, as quoted by the same source:

The work described in our new paper sets the stage for similar studies of the human interactome and could eventually help in developing new treatments for human disease. brings for us a list of interesting facts regarding Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, you should be aware that most AI bots are female, AI pets are real, AI can repair itself, it can even replace the human workforce, and it can also recognize emotions. Furthermore, the same source tells us that AI will even become smarter than humans, which is not surprising at all.

The new study was published in Science.


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