Are There Any Earth-Threatening Asteroids That NASA Knows About? Asteroid Expert Speaks Out

Are There Any Earth-Threatening Asteroids That NASA Knows About? Asteroid Expert Speaks Out

Unfortunately for us all, nature doesn’t care too much about all of the world’s high-tech machines that are able to locate those big impactors that we’re all afraid of. Whether we like it or not, big asteroids and comets will land on Earth in the future. The only problem is “when?”, not “if.”

But since nobody seems to care about the far future of humanity, everybody wonders if NASA is currently tracking any asteroids capable of destroying our planet or its life forms.

NASA Asteroid expert Davide Farnocchia speaks out

Davide Farnocchia, an asteroid expert from NASA, brings up the good news that we’ve all been waiting for. He says that NASA doesn’t know about any concerning asteroids, which is wonderful. That means that each of us will have plenty of time to reach our goals, such as getting married to the man/woman of our dreams, getting hired to our dream job, or failing miserably for both and becoming totally worthless for society while trying.

Behold the video:

However, the expert adds that powerful impacts will still happen in the future, but those are considered rare events. While what the future could mean in this case might be debatable,  Farnocchia clarifies that aspect as well. He reveals that asteroids causing serious regional damage only come visit us once every 70,000 years or even longer.

Finding asteroids before they find us, according to Farnocchia, is a very important part of the equation. NASA will keep searching the skies for any potential threat, and so far, it has done a pretty good job in this case.

How about you? Are you afraid of any potential threats coming from the depths of the Solar System? Feel free to tell us in a comment below about your own vision of the possibility for Earth ever getting hit by a huge asteroid!

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