Apophis Asteroid, Visible With The Naked Eye, Would Pass Next To Earth in 2029

Apophis Asteroid, Visible With The Naked Eye, Would Pass Next To Earth in 2029

An enormous asteroid with a diameter of 335 meters will pass the Earth at a distance of ten times closer than our Moon’s cycle in 2029. The space rock, also known as 99942 Apophis​, will most likely brush through the air at just 30,500 kilometers away from our planet, closer than the Moon’s cycle which is at a distance of 384,400 kilometers. The asteroid will apparently be apparent with the naked eye, and first can be seen over the Southern Hemisphere, as it marks its trajectory from the east coast to the west, on Friday, April 13, the year 2029.

The rock will then fly in less than an hour over the Indian Ocean, then over Africa and the Atlantic Ocean, and finally over the American sky. The asteroid is apparently approximately 30 times more massive compared to the regular space rocks spotting in their pass at a very much the same distance from Earth. Apophis asteroid will seem like a star for those who will see it without looking through a telescope.

An asteroid such big that would be visible with the naked eye might pass near Earth in 2029

Radar scientist Marina Brozović​ with the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California reported to Stuff that the asteroid passing near the Earth will be an amazing opportunity for the world of science. Also, NASA explained and theorized at the Planetary Defense Conference over the research chances they would have from such an enormous space rock passing so close to our planet.

The space rock will be studied with both radar and optical telescopes, and surface elements and more details might be spotted with the radar telescope, Brozović​ added. A team of astronomers has first discovered the space rock in 2004, at the Kit Peak National Observatory. They assumed back then that the rock has a chance of 2.7 percent of colliding with the Earth.

However, the numbers were reasonably decreased to 1 chance in 100,000 in the following years, and are now the same.

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