Annunaki From The Nibiru Planet And A Nazi’s Ahenenerbe Case Found By Russian Archaeologists – Or not…

Annunaki From The Nibiru Planet And A Nazi’s Ahenenerbe Case Found By Russian Archaeologists – Or not…

In 2016, a group of Russian archaeologists conducted excavations in the mountains of Adygea, in Western Russia, within the Krasnodar Krai region. The findings shocked the researchers. They found a pair of skulls of something the discoverers thought to be goats. However, theories emerged, and some even said the skulls belonged to extraterrestrial beings or that they are the remnants of Annunaki Gods of the Nibiru planet from the Sumerian mythology.

Interestingly, next to the unusual skulls was a chest with the “Ahnenerbe” emblem which was a Nazi Germany archaeological project with the clear mission to research and find evidence of Aryan people history and culture, around the world, among other paranormal objectives.

From Caucasian goats to Annunaki Gods of the Nibiru planet

The skulls were subjected to detailed research but the opinion of specialists regarding their origin changed radically between the start of the study and its end.

A representative of the Russian Geographical Society believed that the skulls belong to the Caucasian mountain goats but the mythologists insisted on the extraterrestrial origin of the findings, citing some of the skulls’ characteristic marks as evidence in this regard.

According to mythologists, in the favor of their theory, the skulls presented an opening in their lower parts, where the head is attached to the trunk, that proves that these mysterious skulls were possessed by beings capable of walking on two legs.

In addition, specialists observed that the skulls presented no jaws and in the upper part showed something looking like small horns.

What about the Nazis?

It is a well-known fact that Hitler was attracted by paranormal, so is no surprise that he sent the Ahnenerbe Society’s members into searching for finding Aryan civilization proofs.

Besides, Hitler’s passion for demonology and mythology are also well-known. Plus the fact that a part of the Nazi government was involved in occultism and other “weird” practices.

Thus, is not a surprise that the Russian archaeologists found these two abnormal skulls near a chest holding the Ahnenerbe Society’s emblem.

In the end, based on the results of the study, scientists agreed with mythologists and hypothesized that the skulls could’ve belonged to ancient Sumerian deities, the Annunaki Gods of the Nibiru planet because the skulls are looking like the Sumerian representations of their gods. However, there are some voices saying all this was an elaborated hoax but who could know for sure?!


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