Animation Shows How the Planets Fly Around the Sun at Different Speeds

Animation Shows How the Planets Fly Around the Sun at Different Speeds

Not all the planets from the Solar System zip around the Sun at the same speed as Earth does. Each object has its own speed, which is pretty amazing. The planets move at the right speed in order to avoid getting trapped by the Sun’s gravity and, therefore, crashing into our star.

According to Insider, planetary scientist James O’Donoghue made some animations to show how the planets hurtle around our Sun.

O’Donoghue declared for

All objects that we see in stable orbits around the Sun are there because they orbit fast enough to escape its gravitational pull. If they were not fast enough they wouldn’t escape,

In short, the planets we see today are the survivors.

While the animation doesn’t show how many orbits the planets are able to complete relative to each other, the scientists made another animation to shed light. Each time one of the planets crosses the screen, it completes one orbit around the Sun:

According to Scientific American, the Earth revolves around our Sun in a very nearly circular orbit. The planet covers this route at a speed of 67,000 miles per hour.

Now let’s take Jupiter, the biggest planet from our Solar System. The gas giant travels at an average speed of over 29,000 miles per hour, and it completes a full orbit around the Sun in 11.86 Earth years.

How about Mars? It’s the place where so many astronomers are hoping to land in the following decades. The Red Planet zips around our Sun at the speed of 53,979 miles per hour. That’s right, it almost means the same as the speed of Earth. But since Mars is smaller and farther away from the Sun, it’s normal to revolve at a different speed.

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