An Anticancer Device Developed With Nanotechnology Has Been Officially Presented By Its Creators

An Anticancer Device Developed With Nanotechnology Has Been Officially Presented By Its Creators

A new anticancer device developed through nanotechnology by two Algerian researchers in collaboration with another one from China was presented earlier this week.

The device is made with nanotechnology and uses rhenium rays

The new anti-cancer agent, named “Imdendrim”, specializing in the treatment of solid tumors resistant to conventional treatment, was developed by professors Hafid Belhadj Tahar and Sadeg Nourreddine, both Algerians, and the Chinese Professor, Guanghua Yang.

“This is the first time that this anticancer agent, patented in 2015, is presented officially. We want to make our country [Algeria] benefit from this technology and allow Algerians to get treatment home without traveling abroad,” said Hafid Belhadj Tahar.

“Imdendrim” is a device developed with nanotechnology consisting of a delivery nano-system loaded with probes vectorizing rhenium rays. Once injected into the tumor, the rhenium is released to track cancer cells, researchers explained.

The anticancer nanotechnology device has already been successfully tested on one patient

After several successful trials on animals, a first experiment was performed last year at the Zhejiang University Hospital in Shanghai, China, on a 50-year-old Chinese with terminal colon cancer with multiple metastases to the liver and lungs.

A single injection into a liver tumor was given to him and he showed “very impressive” signs of healing after only three weeks of treatment, the researchers said.

The Chinese researcher, Guanghua Yang, said that “it’s a real revolution in the world of nanotechnology and medicine, in general” and expressed his intention to try the device on breast cancer tumors.

A convention was signed, on the sidelines of this study day, between the DGRSDT, the University of Tlemcen, and the three researchers for the development of this anticancer nanotechnology device.

In conclusion, two Algerian doctors, Hafid Belhadj Tahar and Sadeg Nourreddine, and one Chinese researcher, Guanghua Yang, developed an anticancer device with nanotechnology which has been successfully tested on one patient.


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