Americans Remain Speechless At Sparkling Object Falling From the Sky – Aliens or Just a Meteor?

Americans Remain Speechless At Sparkling Object Falling From the Sky – Aliens or Just a Meteor?

Many people reported seeing at least one UFO during their lifetime. However, some of those sightings can remain in a person’s memory forever, such as the one that makes the subject of this article.

According to WRTV, a massive sparkling object was seen across the skies of Central Indiana, and people were struggling to find out what exactly it was. While it could only be a meteor or fireball falling towards the surface, as it has happened numerous times before, we also can’t completely rule out the possibility that the phenomenon has its origin in intelligent life forms from other worlds.



If you ask us, the weird part is that the bright ball doesn’t seem to have a tail as meteors and comets normally do. 

However, the same source mentioned above reveals that the event was later confirmed to be just a fireball meteor. This means that we’ll have to rely on other ways to encounter alien life forms, such as waiting for the colonization of Mars. While astronomers are pretty sure that there’s nothing alive on the Red Planet, perhaps another up-close inspection will reveal some microscopic organisms.

Mike Hankey, who’s the operations manager for the American Meteor Society, states, as WRTV quotes:

Most fireballs disintegrate in the atmosphere, however a small subset can survive passage and produce meteorites. Delayed booms, are usually a sign that some meteorites may have survived. In this case, there were almost a dozen reports with delayed booms. This is good for meteorites.

For centuries, astronomers, philosophers, scientists in general, and even ordinary people suspected that we’re not alone in the Universe. Many still believe that but we’ll have to wait a lot more to have definitive confirmation if it will actually happen.

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