Americans Are Amazed By Fireball Occurring Over Mississippi

Americans Are Amazed By Fireball Occurring Over Mississippi

If meteors entering the Earth’s atmosphere don’t represent something totally unusual, the situation changes when we’re talking about a fireball. Only those meteors that reach a certain brightness can be classified as fireballs.

When fireballs visit us, you can be on either one of two sides. You can become scared to death and start reflecting on the transience of human life. If that’s the case, we don’t blame you. The second possibility is that you’re tearing your hair out and wondering why you couldn’t find a telescope on time to observe the cosmic object a lot better.

Fireball causes loud noise over Mississippi

According to Yahoo News, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) announced the emergence of a fireball that caused a loud noise over Claiborne County. Luckily enough, there seems to be no damage or injuries caused by the event as far as the authorities know. 

The Claiborne County Mississippi Emergency Management said via Facebook and as Yahoo News quotes:

Citizens of Claiborne County, local officials are aware of the loud sound that was heard throughout the county. Grand Gulf Nuclear Station was not involved in this occurrence and the site is secure. Local and state officials are investigating and confirming the information that is received. There is no threat to the county and no action is to be taken.

The USA has witnessed plenty of fireballs occurring above its land throughout history. For instance, another fireball was recently seen over the American state of Wisconsin.

Next time when you might see a fireball or meteor in the sky, it’s best to grab a pair of binoculars and a camera as fast as you can! There’s no telling when such events occur, but their memory can stay with you for your whole life.

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