American Woman Hit by Lightning Strike Speaks Out

American Woman Hit by Lightning Strike Speaks Out

When nature goes berserk, there’s pretty much nothing to do, unfortunately. Thunder rarely hits people, but when it does, you surely don’t want to be in their shoes! It’s estimated that about 20 people die every year after being hit by lightning.

Fox News reveals the case of Linda Venuto-Deal from Burlington County (New Jersey, USA), who survived being hit by lightning after going to the ER and despite remaining with scars. Speaking to Fox News Digital, the woman said that she was busy with the laundry in her house when she dealt with the terrifying experience. Lightning hit the ground pipe of her house, traveled through to the basement, and ultimately arced into the dryer.

The woman explains as Fox News quotes:

And I was taking clothes out of the dryer and was reaching in, grabbing my daughter’s lime-green T-shirt,

I was taking out the clothes when the lightning hit at that moment.

She added:

It went into my pinkie finger and my ring finger on my left hand,

Pretty amazing, I know.

The woman further described that the lightning went up her arm, into her face, down her body and left leg, and out her foot. The lightning hit the floor, leaving behind a giant checkmark sign, and ultimately went into the wall.

Here’s what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has to say about lightning strikes:

There are about 6,000 lightning strikes every minute, which is more than 8 million strikes every day,

You can protect yourself and your loved ones if you know what to do when you see lightning or when you hear thunder as a warning.

The same source tells us that although the risk of being hit by lightning is low, the consequences of injuries caused by such an event are serious. 

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