American State Aims to Implement Roads That Charge Electric Cars

American State Aims to Implement Roads That Charge Electric Cars

Electric vehicles don’t represent anything new, as they’ve been on the roads for a lot of time. They pollute much less compared to usual vehicles, as this is perhaps the best advantage.

According to, the Indiana state government and Purdue University have teamed up with the Magment company. The goal is to test new streets designed for automatically charging the battery of electric vehicles.

95% efficiency

Tech Xplore explains that the roads have magnetic particles mixed into the concrete. When they’re electrified, they are able to transfer power with an efficiency of 95 percent. Although the technical details are still pretty scarce, more info will be revealed after an upcoming test.

Magment claims that their idea can work under all weather conditions. It shall also be a high degree of thermal conductivity. But perhaps the best part is that the electric road won’t cost more for using than usual materials for road building.

Hopefully, the roadways would be safe for pedestrians. Certainly, nobody wants to get shocked while being on the street, and neither do those who came up with the idea of roads capable of charging the batteries of electric cars. The most popular electric car is Nissan LEAF, and these vehicles are no longer silent.

Doesn’t the future sounds a lot more interesting, thinking that you may have an electrical road at your disposal that you can use for charging your vehicle anytime you want? Battery draining won’t be a problem, but of course, we still have plenty of time to wait until we see such things happening.


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