Aliens On Mars – An Ancient Egyptian Statue Was Revealed By NASA Curiosity Rover

Aliens On Mars – An Ancient Egyptian Statue Was Revealed By NASA Curiosity Rover

A piece of rock was photographed by Curiosity Rover. The pic is absolutely stunning as it’s pretty much resembling an Ancient Egyptian statue of a warrior woman. Of course, many people started to think that this one is the irrefutable proof that there might have indeed existed aliens on Mars.

The discovery has been done by Joe White, a video journalist, while he was watching the recent Curiosity Rover’s photographies released by NASA. He was quite shocked to observe a sort of a rock that was looking very similar to the Ancient Egyptian representations of warriors. Joe White went even further and said that he is pretty sure the strange-looking rock is, in reality, a deteriorated statue depicting a woman looking very similar to some depictions of the Ancient warrior women found in Egypt.

“I have found what looks like to be a small feminine looking statue head on Mars in Gale Crater in this latest Curiosity Rover picture from NASA,” explained Joe White.

The statue, which was photographed by Curiosity Rover and recently released by NASA, presents some kind of a symbol on its forehead and the facial characteristics of Ancient Egyptian artistic style, according to Joe White. Indeed, this is a very stunning discovery and it has already raised lots of theories online, on social media and forums.

This statue-like rock is the best evidence for the existence of aliens on Mars, according to some people

This topic was also debated at the beginning of the month in a YouTube video released by ArtAlien TV channel.

YouTube video

Alien life forms or the ancestors of humans?

Some people agree with Joe White and believe that the statue is proof of aliens on Mars.

On the other hand, other theories revived a long-debated topic. Accordingly, some people are voicing that this is, in fact, the clearest evidence that pre-Ancient civilizations on Earth originated from Mars.

In conclusion, this Ancient Egyptian statue pic took on Mars by Curiosity Rover, whether proof of aliens on Mars or not, is stunning, indeed. However, it is not the only interesting discovery made since NASA’s rovers crawl on the surface of Red Planet. Another recent theory talked about possible fossilized remnants of alien life on Mars, also revealed by accident by NASA’s rovers.


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