Aliens on Earth: Top Reasons to Believe That Extraterrestrial Beings Could Already Be Among Us

Aliens on Earth: Top Reasons to Believe That Extraterrestrial Beings Could Already Be Among Us

For millennia, humans have been wondering if there is life in one of those numerous sparkling spots that show up in the sky at night. For decades, space agencies have been exploring nearby planets using rovers and remote planets using telescopes, hoping that they would find any traces of extraterrestrial life. But what if aliens are already among us, and we don’t know it?

If you have also been looking at a neighbor of yours and had a hunch that he’s from another planet, well, maybe he is! After all, there’s no reason to believe that if extraterrestrial life forms indeed exist, they necessarily have to be much different than us.

The idea of intelligent aliens looking physically just like us is not new at all, as it has been portrayed multiple times in sci-fi movies. We could mention, for example, the notorious “Star Wars” movies, the “The Day The Earth Stood Still” movie from 1951, or TV series such as Superman and Dragon Ball.

At first glance, we are tempted to believe that those movies and TV series are nothing else but the result of human imagination, but what if there is more truth in them than we realize?

UFO sightings and encounters

Numerous people have been reporting to see unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and aerial phenomena that they can’t explain. Surely, many of those sightings can be attributed to natural phenomena, simple hoaxes, or human-made aircraft. But at the same time, many of them defy conventional explanations, leading to conspiracy theories or the creed that aliens are already among us.

Witnesses, such as pilots, astronauts, and military personnel, have reported sightings of objects performing maneuvers that seem to pose technology that is far beyond any that humanity knows about.

Government disclosure

If we have a look at recent years, we can realize that there has been a growing trend toward government disclosure of previously classified information that is related to UFOs. A few governments, such as the US, have declassified and released footage of encounters between military aircraft and unidentified aerial objects. It’s true, however, that those disclosures fall short of confirming extraterrestrial activity, but even so, they lend credibility to the idea that there are phenomena in our skies that defy any known human explanation.

Genetic anomalies and abductions:

There are also plenty of people out there who claim to have been abducted by aliens. Such accounts of alien abductions seem to be credible, especially for the fact that some of them involve descriptions of medical examinations, genetic experimentation, and reproductive procedures. While it’s true that many such stories can easily be dismissed as hallucinations or hoaxes, some of them defy easy explanations.
Reports of missing time, unexplained scars, and shared experiences among multiple witnesses indeed add weight to the idea that such encounters could be more than mere fantasy.

Advanced technological leaps:

During human history, there have been periods of rapid technological advancement that seem to defy logical progress. If you have always been wondering how it was possible for us to have high-quality live video streaming on a device the size of a coffee cup today when such a thing didn’t exist only 15 or 20 years ago, surely you understand where we’re getting with this. From the sudden emergence of advanced civilizations to unexplained leaps in scientific understanding, such anomalies raise the question of whether humanity has received outside assistance. Could these bursts of progress be the result of knowledge imparted by extraterrestrial visitors, or are they just too complicated to be understood by us?

Whether extraterrestrial and intelligent beings are among us or not, the real question is this: could they be friends or foes?


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