Aliens Could Be Observing Us From 29 Planets, According to Scientists

Aliens Could Be Observing Us From 29 Planets, According to Scientists

Just like many of us are staring at the stars and wondering in what region of the night sky do aliens live, extraterrestrial beings from other planets could be doing the same. This is a hunch that humanity has thought about for ages, and scientists now believe that they have a pretty good idea for where exactly could those aliens be living.

Extraterrestrial and technologically advanced creatures could be spying on us for centuries, and the ultimate question remains: would they be friends or foes?
According to The Guardian, astronomers are now estimating that 29 planets are located in the right places for their hypothetical inhabitants to observe the Earth transit and grasp broadcasts from our planet.

Aliens in 1,715 star systems?

According to the new study, 1,715 star systems from our cosmic neighbourhood were identified as potential places from where aliens could be observing our planet for the past 5,000 years. Forty-six of these star systems are close enough for intercepting a signal such as radio or TV broadcast. Also, 29 of the planets are located in the right spots for witnessing a transit of the Earth in front of the Sun, as well as radio and television broadcasts. Obviously, if any green fellows intercept a channel like Cartoon Network, for instance, they would be convinced that there’s intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe.

Lisa Kaltenegger, who’s a professor of astronomy and also director of the Carl Sagan Institute from Cornell University in New York, declared as cited by The Guardian:

One way we find planets is if they block out part of the light from their host star,

We asked, ‘Who would we be the aliens for if somebody else was looking?’ There is this tiny sliver in the sky where other star systems have a cosmic front seat to find Earth as a transiting planet.

It’s obvious that a lot of work is still needed from astronomers to encounter intelligent life from other planets, if they are truly out there, somewhere. The question is, what will humanity do if it will ever find the long-awaited aliens?


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