Aliens Around 1,004 Nearby Stars Could See Life Signs On Earth, Study Reveals

Aliens Around 1,004 Nearby Stars Could See Life Signs On Earth, Study Reveals

Some alien-related news just came in. It’s been just revealed that if there are aliens present in our galaxy, they might already know about our existence here.

It seems that in a brand new study, two astronomers have identified 1,004 sun-like stars that could have habitable Earth-like planets in their orbits.

It seems that any intelligent aliens that might live on those planets should be able to see ours and also spot the chemical signs of life here.

Business Insider reveals that from the planets’ perspectives, Earth passes in front of the sun each and every time that it orbits – this is a tiny, dark spot that’s in front of the blazing star.

Aliens could spot life signs here on Earth 

The same online publication details the fact that this is called a transit, this appearance – astronomers here on our home planet are using these tiny drops in the brightness of other stars in order to find planets in front of them.

It’s been also reported that in just 11 years, experts found more than 3,000 planets using this particular method.

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Also, by measuring the way in which the light from a star changes when a transiting planet passes in front of it, experts can note the exoplanet’s size and also the composition in the atmosphere, although this does not always happen.

The same online publication notes that intelligent aliens could do the same about Earth.

Business Insider also said that if they did, they would spot signs of life: “Plants on our planet fill the atmosphere with oxygen, and bacteria produce nitrous oxide, a gas which is unlikely to appear without biological processes.”

“If we found a planet with a vibrant biosphere, we would get curious about whether or not someone is there looking at us too,” Lisa Kaltenegger, a co-author of the new study, said in a press release.

We recommend that you check out the complete press release in order to learn more details. 

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