Alien Life Might Exist On Saturn’s Moons Europa And Enceladus

Alien Life Might Exist On Saturn’s Moons Europa And Enceladus

Some voices argue that some forms of alien life might exist in the icy seas present on Enceladus and Europa. It is said that hunter robots should be dispatched towards these distant objects in an attempt to learn more data about the underground oceans on Saturn’s moons.

However, in recent times, many space agencies have moved their sights on Mars, as the Red Planet may have housed some forms of life at some point in the past. In the future, two rovers will be launched towards Mars. One of them is the Mars 2020 rover created by NASA, while the other is known under the name of Rosalind Franklin and the result of a joint project between the European Space Agency and Roscosmos.

The two rovers will explore the Martian surface in an attempt to track down ancient signs of life while also gathering valuable samples that could be brought back to Earth in a few years.

Europa and Enceladus are the best candidates for alien life

It has been argued in the past that the presence of liquid water may be accompanied by life, and previous information has shown that abundant rivers used to be present on the surface of Mars. However, the focus should be on Europa and Enceladus.

The Europa Clipper is an advanced probe that will be launched in the following years to explore Europa. NASA has stated that Clipper will perform several flybys around the moon to uncover as much information as possible about the icy surface. Other space agencies are also working on various spacecraft that will focus on Europa and Jupiter.

Positive data could pave the way towards the development of a new lander that might visit the Saturn’s moon in the future. JAXA is also working on an advanced robot that could explore the deep waters of Enceladus after it finds a crack that allows it to enter the cold water in the search for the alien life.


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