Albert Einstein’s Recently Discovered Letter Speaks About the Connection Between Physics and Biology

Albert Einstein’s Recently Discovered Letter Speaks About the Connection Between Physics and Biology

Everybody knows that all matter in the Universe obeys the laws of physics, including animals and conscious beings like us. Therefore, it’s not difficult to understand that there is a strong connection between physics and biology. But we can certainly dive a lot deeper than that, and a newfound letter from the great scientist Albert Einstein can surely help us in the process.

Without Einstein’s contributions to physics, we would have no GPS today and no idea about what’s keeping our feet on the ground. We would also have a completely false perception of the notion of time, and we wouldn’t be able to understand the motion of stars and planets through space. He understood and explained all these phenomenons about a century ago, and his tremendous work has impacted science forever.

A precious letter from 1949

SciTechDaily brings us the news of Albert Einstein’s letter, and it discusses birds, bees, and if new scientific principles can emerge from the study of animal senses. A new study led by RMIT University from Melbourne, Australia, analyzes how the recent discoveries regarding the migration of birds are backing up Einstein’s thoughts. The lead author of the new paper that speaks about Einstein’s letter is Adrian Dyer, who is RMIT’s Associate Professor.

Here’s the letter of the renowned scientist, as published by SciTechDaily:

Credit: Dyer et al. 2021, J Comp Physiol A / The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Dyer says that through this letter, Einstein was foreseeing how some discoveries could come after studying animals.

Seven decades after Einstein proposed new physics might come from animal sensory perception, we’re seeing discoveries that push our understanding about navigation and the fundamental principles of physics.

Eternal praise to a great scientist, Mr. Albert Einstein, probably the best that humanity ever had! May God rest him in peace!


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