Alaska Could Hide a Supervolcano Underneath – All Hell Could Break Loose

Alaska Could Hide a Supervolcano Underneath – All Hell Could Break Loose

When it comes to natural disasters and pretty much all of the bad things that can happen to us on Earth, we like to believe that scientists have got it all covered. We hope that they know everything and that they’ll inform us about any impending danger. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way all the time.
There are still regions of our world that must be explored. While astronomers fear that disasters can come from the sky, such as the collision with a giant asteroid, our precious planet might hide a much greater threat right underneath.

The world’s religions teach us that there’s a place called Hell for punishing with fire and brimstone those who are sinners and disobey God. Many religious people believe that the place is located underneath the Earth.

While we’re certainly not here for any religious propaganda, we still want to say that scientifically speaking, underneath our planet, the temperatures are indeed far more than a human being is able to withstand. And volcanoes erupting along the ages confirm it.

A supervolcano could be hiding underneath the Aleutian Islands 

The Aleutian Islands belong to Alaska, and they represent a chain of volcanic islands. According to a new study that tells us about, a supervolcano could be hiding underneath the islands themselves.

The study also claims that all of the volcanic islands mentioned could actually be an enormous caldera, meaning a huge structure left behind by the eruption of a volcano.

If the supervolcano really is there, it even has the potential of disrupting civilizations across the world. In other words, all Hell would break loose.

The scientists found arc-shaped ridges and a 130-meter-deep hollow in the ring formation’s center deep under the surface. The researchers had been using seafloor topography mapping.

However, the new study doesn’t bring confirmed information, and let’s just all hope that the scientists are wrong this time.




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